Technical FAQ
Q: What parts does the BlueTex software consist of?
A: A serial port driver and a configuraton tool.

Q: What does the driver do?
A: The Bluetooth module in BlueTex can not handle 7-bits     data, which the Mobitex modem uses. The driver solves this     problem for you, so you can open the serial port "BTX1:"     with 7-bits, even parity.

Q: Do I have to use the BlueTex software?
A: No, you do not have to use it. But you have to open the port     with 8-bits, no parity and mask away the eighth bit (parity)     in the received data. The parity bit in the transmitted data     will be ignored. For forward compatibility we recommend that     you insert an even parity bit as the eighth bit.

Q: If the driver is a serial port, why is it named "BTX1:" instead     of "COMx:"?
A: This quote is from MSDN:
    "For the file system to recognize file names as devices that     expose the stream interface, the file names must consist of     three uppercase letters, a single digit, and a colon (:)." This     means that there can only exist 10 COM ports. And by     changing the prefix to BTX there is less risc that the driver     can not be loaded.

Q: Which serial port is used by the BlueTex driver?
A: That is configured with the BlueTex configuraton tool.     Choose the correct Bluetooth serial port in the drop-down     list.

Q: On which PDAs has the software been tested?
A: Compaq iPAQ 3870 with Pocket PC 2002, Fujitsu Siemens     Pocket LOOX 600 with Pocket PC 2002, and HP iPAQ h1900     with Pocket PC 2003. It should work on every PDA running     Pocket PC 2002 or Pocket PC 2003.

Q: I have just installed BlueTex and started the BlueTex     configuraton tool, but I see nothing. The dialog is empty.     Why?
A: The driver has not yet been loaded. Load the driver by     either resetting the PDA (it is installed as a built in driver     which is loaded after a reset) or run the command File->     Activate in the BlueTex configuraton tool.

Q: My application must know when the connection to the     BlueTex is broken. Why doesn't the control signals tell me     when, for example, the BlueTex goes out of range?
A: Some Bluetooth stacks does not correctly implement the     control signals. We recommend that you implement a     polling scheme if you must know for certain that the BlueTex     is connected. (At least on the platforms whose Bluetooth     stacks are faulty.) To reconnect, the serial port must be     closed and reopened.

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