Demonstration Applications

1. First you install the driver on the PDA.

2. Download the BlueTextest.file And and rename it to "BlueTexTest.exe".

3. Then copy the BlueTexTest.exe file into the PDA´s filesystem under "My Computer\Mobile Device\My Pocket PC\Windows\startmenu\".

4. Start the BlueTex driver. And select "File" -> "Activate". Now the BlueTex device is reachable at the com-port BTX1:

5. Start the BlueTexTest application.

6. Select "File" -> "Port Settings" and select com-port BTX1:

7. Select "Commands" -> "Open Connection" and the MASC communication beginns.

You can now Send a message to yourself or to another MAN number under "Send Message", You can check the RSSI with "Check RSSI" and you can enter a loop of continous RSSI checks with "Continous RSSI".

If you have any problems with the BlueTex contact BlueTex support at
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